The mortgage broker channel has established itself as a major contributor to the success of the overall mortgage market, having originated one-quarter of all outstanding mortgages in Canada. Not only are brokers originating a lot of mortgage, but they are also performing very well on key customer satisfaction metrics. Overall, 51% of mortgage broker customers are very satisfied with the service provided by their mortgage professional, versus 43% among those who dealt directly with a lender rep, a statistically significant difference.

Complete Satisfaction with Mortgage


Accredited Mortgage Professionals (AMP’s) are also doing a fantastic job servicing their clientele. Among those customers who identified their mortgage broker as an AMP, 59% are completely satisfied with their mortgage, compared with just 35% among those who say they did not deal with an AMP. This is a very substantial difference, and points to the professional nature of AMP’s, and their ability to instill a strong sense of confidence in their clients that they have chosen the right mortgage professional.

Source: Mortgageinsights  & Maritz Research