It’s almost time to put away the patio furniture and pull out the cozy blankets as we hunker down for cooler temperatures.

It’s that time of year again — summer’s almost over — and you’re wondering how it flew by so fast. We are too. Here are 5 easy ways to transition your home into the fall season.

  1. De-clutter. Gather up summer accessories (we’re talking flip-flops, sun hats, bottles of sun screen and beach cover-ups) that you won’t need until next season and store them away in a clear storage bin. This will ensure easy access to everything next year, and that nothing will go missing.


Tip: Spend an afternoon gathering up any lingering summer accessories. You’ll thank yourself next season. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

  1. Pack up your patio furniture. Avoid starting next season off with rusty furniture! Place yours under protective covers and store them in your shed or garage. Tip: Clean and dry your furniture before you store it to avoid mildew.


Saying goodbye to summer is difficult, but your furniture will last you many more seasons if stored properly. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

  1. Bring your outdoor pillows, in. We love that so many pillows on the market this season can be used indoors and outdoors. Add to your existing pillow collection by transitioning yours inside after the summer’s over. Tip:If you’re storing your pillows instead, put them in a box or garbage bags before placing them in your garage and shed. It will keep them fresh for next season.


Mix and match your indoor and outdoor cushions for an eclectic look. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

  1. Re-stock your cabinets. Refresh the contents of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Buy a new set of food storage containers and get rid of any old lids or bottoms that don’t have companions. Rifle through your pantry and throw out anything that’s stale or expired. Do the same in your bathroom, replenishing toiletries and first-aid necessities as needed.


Tip: Place non-perishables in clear jars for efficiency and style. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

  1. Change your entryway doormat. Get ready for fall’s leaves (and dare we say boots?) by replacing your summer mat with a rug inspired by fall’s darker hues — it’ll hide the dirt.


Dark red Moroccan-style rugs will carry you from fall to winter. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

Source: Chatelaine, Aug. 25, 2015, Alexandra Gater