There is no reason to wait until your mortgage renewal date to consult your broker. Generally, it’s a good idea to review your mortgage and overall financial situation every 12 months or whenever you have a significant life changing event. I will do an in-depth annual review for free with the goal of saving you money.

So what’s involved? First I will collect information to make sure your current mortgage is on the right track and that your potential savings are maximized.  I will look at your overall finances, current situation, and what your goals are for the next five years. I do this so that I can see if your mortgage can be tweaked to improve your cash flow, lower your payments, shorten the length of your mortgage or offer other possible suggestions. Most importantly, I want to ensure that the path you are on will help you achieve your goals.

Upon completion, I will offer you a report showing a comparison between the original mortgage and the proposed changes. It will show how much money you can potentially save and how much faster you may be able to pay off your mortgage.

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