Spring is one of the best times of year to get your home on the market and sold fast.

It’s essential for your home to look its best before your real estate agent puts it out on the market. Tidy up, make repairs, clean, and remove the clutter with a few helpful tips.

Here are some spring tips that can prepare your house to looks sale ready:

Clear out the clutter:

Tidy up counter tops, bookcases, shelves, closets, and garages.

Make minor repairs:

Check that faucets don’t leak, doors close properly and holes in the walls are patched and painted.

Make it pretty:

Windows, floors and bathrooms should be very clean. Dust every surface, sweep and vacuum the floor, hang up nice towels in the bathroom and make sure there are no lingering odors.

Tidy up the yard:

Curb appeal starts at the curb. Mow the yard, sweep and wash down walkways.

The better your property looks, the faster it’s going to sell.