1. Use Lights As Sculpture : It’s a recurring theme — so many standout rooms in our pages are elevated by a sculptural light fixture. Some criteria that makes the difference between expected and exceptional includes a large scale, a warm finish, and beautiful lines.

2. Curate A Collection : An edited collection not only reveals a homeowner’s passions, but it enlivens a space.

3. Layer In Luxe Rugs : Some will scoff, but a lush tribal rug updates spa-inspired bathrooms with softness and color that a white terrycloth bathmat could never muster. It’s a classic stylist’s move.

4. Aim For Symmetry : Symmetry delivers a polished effect that’s innately calming (human brains are even programmed to prefer it). A large piece of abstract art keeps this living room from feeling overly stiff.

5. Opt For Round Mirrors : What goes around comes back around, and right now this shape is having a major moment. Perhaps it’s the soft, organic shape that’s a perfect complement to curved furnishings that are also trending, but they instantly make a space look fresher.

6. Freshen Antiques : It’s a common dilemma that homeowners struggle with when it comes to heirloom pieces: an antique frame plus dated upholstery can feel dowdy. A graphic indoor-outdoor fabric breathes new life into a traditional cane-back chair and turns it into a piece of art.

7. Think Inside The Box : No fireplace? Transform a plain wall into a focal point with a mantel and smart styling. This living room fireplace swaps out flames for a framed map topped with a picture light, and an artful arrangement of birch logs.

Source: https://houseandhome.com/gallery/15-decorating-tips-make-home-look-magazine-worthy/