1. Custom Crackers: Anytime you can choose a unique, personal detail rather than buying something off the shelf, it looks elevated. Pick a color scheme that matches your table linens, or a room’s palette. The cracker materials are inexpensive (you can use remnants from wrapping paper, or even wallpaper for the overlay), and can customize the treats inside for your guests.

2. Gold Flatware: Once very hard to find, warm metal (including trendy rose gold and copper) flatware is now widely available, in a range of reasonable price points. Gold flatware glams up a holiday meal and reflects the warm glow of candlelight, making a table look rich and luscious.

3. Velvet & Grosgrain Ribbon: Sometimes it only takes a hit of luxe materials to make something look sumptuous. The proof is these gifts, which are wrapped in old-school style velvet and grosgrain bows. For a fuller bow, opt for a generous width.

4. Cloches: An easy way to make any item — even a found piece of birchbark, a pine cone, sprig of boxwood or acorns — look like a treasure is by putting it under a glass cloche. Here a grouping of foraged finds look like a curated collection, and it’s an easy way to create a holiday vignette.

5. Faux Fur: Fur is such a luxurious, wintry holiday element. These DIY stools are topped with faux fur to create a cozy perch for guests. They are actually made of budget luggage racks, but you can also try reupholstering thrift store benches. Pull them up by the fire and they’ll become the most sought after seats in the room.

6. Decorative Bowls: Anything that’s displayed in multiples looks extravagant, but that doesn’t mean the item itself has to be. Here a glass bowl filled with pine cones and clementines stands in for a pricey holiday centrepiece, and adds a dash of color to a casual table.

7. Paperwhites: Step away from the Poinsettia. We know they spell ‘holiday,’ but if time is on your side, why not force some Paperwhites or narcissus bulbs instead. The fragrance is unmistakable, the white blooms are wintry, and a grouping of Paperwhites make a great hostess gift. The cost per bulb is about $1. It takes about 4-6 weeks for them to flower, but they don’t require earth and can be grown in a shallow dish on river rocks or crushed pebbles by adding water.

8. Signature Wrapping: A signature wrapping paper is easy and inexpensive to create, and it will impress everyone on your nice list. This paper requires only basic craft supplies to transform gifts into stylish displays with plenty of holiday cheer.

9. Vintage Silver Serving Pieces: Using a beautiful tray or set of tongs lends a sense of occasion to a holiday meal. If you’re lucky enough to already own heirloom silver, the holidays are the time to get out the polish and make them sparkle. If you need to start from scratch, it’s possible to pick up a fancy silver serving piece or tray for a song at thrift stores, online auctions and antique malls.

10. Antiqued Vases: Want to make your table look like it was graced with a collection of heirloom vessels? H&H interiors director Meg Crossley transformed dollar store vases using a simple technique. For a budget alternative to flowers, snip some houseplant leaves and gild them with spray paint.

Source: https://houseandhome.com/gallery/luxurious-budget-friendly-holiday-decorating-ideas/