If this is your year to buy a home and secure a mortgage, I want to share with you my top tips for securing a mortgage in 2022.

1) Have a plan: I always recommend having a plan, but even more so when you are shopping in a competitive market with rising interest rates. Before even meeting with a realtor, it’s so important to meet with a mortgage broker so that you understand your pre-approval amount and also any additional expenses that come with securing a mortgage and buying a home.

2) Understand your monthly budget: There is a difference between what you think you can afford and what you actually can afford. It’s important to understand this difference. This means putting pen to paper and evaluating your budget. How much is coming in each more and what are your monthly expenses? These last few years have been challenging for many and if your financial situation has changed, it’s important that you adjust your budget accordingly.

3) Build a network: I always encourage clients to work with a realtor and a lawyer that they trust and value. This means getting referrals and potentially meeting with multiple people before finding the ones that are right for you.

Last but not least, have options. Don’t settle for just one mortgage product, work with someone who can give you options. If you need help getting started, book a free consult. I’d love to meet with you!