This blog post is for all the newlyweds! So many weddings this summer, therefore so many individuals starting their new life together! Here are a few things I want you to think of as you navigate this new journey together:

1) TO RENT OR OWN? If you’re currently renting, make a plan for how and when you can start investing in your dream home. Instead of throwing money away on rent, you could be investing in your future and putting that money towards a mortgage payment.

2) MAKE A BUDGET – One of the best things you can do TODAY is to create a budget and stick with it. Learning to live on a budget will help you reach your financial goals and also make life a lot easier when you have a home and expenses.

3) BUILD A SAVINGS – You may have been blessed with wedding gifts and perhaps financial contributions. Don’t spend it, but instead save and invest it. This could be great for a downpayment down the road!

It’s never too early to meet with me and get working on a plan. Let’s start the conversation today!